An overview of why the swim and why Tasmania

On the 14th July 2023 was my 200th consecutive day of ocean swimming at Hinsby, Taroona and Kingston beaches.

As I needed a new challenge, I made the decision to swim 22 swims in 22 days this November, around different locations in Tasmania. We would start at the mouth of the Derwent River, moving anti clockwise around the island, swimming at various beaches along the East coast, North and Northwest coasts, down the West coast and the final swim will end at Sandy Bay beach.

Each swim will have a minimum distance of 2km, with some swims being up to 10km. It is anticipated that the entire event will reach well over 50kms.

This event was an opportunity for me to promote to others that live with trauma and suicidality that there are many positive options to help overcome – or, at the very least, manage – their issues. Swimming is my personal chosen method and I am very happy to use this as a way to raise money for a Men’s Mental Health charity. That charity being Mens Resources Tasmania.

It is my hope that, while swimming at these 22x locations around Tasmania, I have the opportunity to meet with the community, speak about mental health, and listen to the stories of how other people have conquered their fears, issues and obstacles.

Each day we will update our various Social Media platforms and there will be a website where people can make a donation to this cause. If you are a member of a group and would be interested in holding a breakfast or lunch to discuss and raise money for Men’s Mental Health, please get in touch.

As a registered counsellor practicing in Hobart, I aim to bring change and make a difference. They say “A problem shared is a problem halved” – well, let’s chat!

I welcome those who love to swim to come swim with me at any or all of these venues around our beautiful state. This is not a race – you can swim as fast or as slow as you like. The point is to understand how a simple action can bring a huge amount of peace.

And for those who prefer to stay dry, please come along as a spectator and help support us with your encouraging cheers.

I am honoured to have the support of Christopher Guesdon (Patron) and Doug Hughson (President) of the Australian Long-Distance Swimming Federation (ALDSF) assisting me with this event.

And a special thanks to my beloved swimming tribe from Hinsby and Kingston (The Weedy Seadragons Ocean Swimming Group), without whom this idea would never have manifested into something tangible.

22 swims in 22 days. November. 

See you there!

Date Day Num Start Finish Approx Distance
4/11/23 Saturday 1 Iron Pot Blessington Coastal Reserve 2.45
5/11/23 Sunday 2 Blessington Coastal Reserve Tinder Box Beach 6.81
6/11/23 Monday 3 Tinder Box Beach Dennes Point 2.05
7/11/23 Tuesday 4 Tinder Box Beach Blackmans Bay 7.57
8/11/23 Wednesday 5 Blackmans Bay Kingston 2.82
9/11/23 Thursday 6 Kingston Hinsby 3.69
10/11/23 Friday 7 Hinsby Grange Beach 3.03
11/11/23 Saturday 8 Roches Beach Seven mile Beach 3.82
12/11/23 Sunday 9 Orford Beach to Raspins Beach Raspins Beach to Orford 2.09
13/11/23 Monday 10 Swansea Jetty Idle wild 4.18
14/11/23 Tuesday 11 Wineglass Beach Wineglass Beach 3.57
15/11/23 Wednesday 12 Bicheno Redhill beach 2.91
16/11/23 Thursday 13 Kelso George Town 2.09
17/11/23 Friday 14 Hawley Beach Bakers Point 3.22
18/11/23 Saturday 15 Moorland beach Pardoe Beach 2.51
19/11/23 Sunday 16 River forth Glenhaven 2.05
20/11/23 Monday 17 Ulverstone Beach Ulverstone Beach 2.37
21/11/23 Tuesday 18 Little Sisters Beach Little Sisters Beach 2.67
22/11/23 Wednesday 19 Hellyer Hellyer 2.06
23/11/23 Thursday 20 Anthony Beach Anthony Beach 2.16
24/11/23 Friday 21 Meredith Street Boat Ramp Strahan Strahan Village Esplande 2.04
25/11/23 Saturday 22 Regatta Grounds Nutgrove beach 4.56

Please note that times and locations may differ due to weather and tidal conditions.

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Photos: Jane Conley and Tamara Terwal

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